Alexis Diaz “Dentro” New Print Release

We will be releasing Alexis Diaz’s first print “Dentro” this Wednesday. This fantastic print features the insane amount of detail that has become a trademark of Diaz’s work. “Dentro” is an edition of 35, it measures 50 x 70cm, six layer screen-print on super fancy paper and it comes signed and numbered by the Puerto Rican artist. Read More

Alexis Diaz Printing!

During these few days we have created 39 screen prints and 2 PP unique pieces. The screen prints are made up of a 3 water-based colours, one metallic and two vinyl-based colors to increase the value of the subject. 35 standard edition prints on white paper and 4 special edition prints will be on black paper. Read More

INKMAP the Turin Street Art Map

Thanks to a good number of urban art events, Torino is rapidly turning into an open air museum. Inkmap was born to help visitors find their way among the many artworks located all over the city’s urban fabric. Inkmap is an itinerary map which allows to pinpoint and get to the city’s many mural artworks. Read More

Brand new Pixel Pancho print for Missiontoart

Finally after traveling around the globe, Pixel Pancho is here for Missiontoart and a brand new limited art print and a solo exhibition in Galo Art Gallery. Originally from Torino, Pixel Pancho is what we would consider an up and coming artist. His concept that originated with a simple robot has evolved in to a complex and detailed style that is full of imagination and skill. Read More