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Missiontoart is taking part to Unexpected mural festival in Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

The Unexpected is a street art mural festival taking place in Downtown HQ in Fort Smith (Arkansas, USA) the week of  September 3-12, 2015.


We were invited by Street art news to the Printology setting. The exhibition is about street art limited edition prints (mostly ours prints 🙂 ). Fort Smith, we are coming! 


Bicicleta sem Freio brazilian collective is here to bring tropical vibes!

As you probably have seen on Instagram we started the street art residency with Bicicleta sem Freio, the brazilian collective that are featuring their bold colors and tropical vibes in every piece.

“Art, design and rock ’n’ roll. It might sound as a cliché but this is the simplest, most honest and coherent way of trying to explain this power trio of illustrators that answers to the name _Bicicleta sem Freio_ (Bicycle Without Brakes in English).”

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INKMAP the Turin street art map

Thanks to a good number of urban art events, which mostly took place in recent years, Torino is rapidly turning into an open air museum. Inkmap was born to help visitors find their way among the many artworks located all over the city’s urban fabric. Inkmap is an itinerary map which allows to pinpoint and get to the city’s many mural artworks. Read More

Edgar “Saner” Flores

The Mexico City’s artist SANER, Edgar Flores, has been in Missiontoart studio for a long two weeks residency. During this time we had the opportunity to create this new limited edition print and a 25 meters wall in collaboration with Il cerchio e le gocce. Watch the process described by Saner’s words in this video! Read More