Artist residence with CT

The admiration for CT’s art works and the awareness of collaborating with a unique artist, led us create a series of 2 silk-screen prints that capture the meaning of the artist’s research.

Lines, geometries, flat backgrounds and contrasting colors, characterize the journey of the Turin-based writer who, from classic lettering, fluctuates and sweeps towards a research linked to minimalism.



In his works, post-graffitism and architecture merge together inventing a style marked by the purity of the forms that often fit together, alternate, balance and disassemble.


An alternation of visual games that do not fall into the op art but come closer to that, marking a slight line of connection between the before (60s-70s) and after.


Two-dimensionality creates movement and stability. The void, often, becomes the dominant sign which alternates with colors that interpenetrate.


 The two hand-printed silk-screen prints, in an edition of 7 and 14 copies, reproduce two mural works recently made. “

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