Artist residence with CT

The admiration for CT’s art works and the awareness of collaborating with a unique artist, led us create a series of 2 silk-screen prints that capture the meaning of the artist’s research. Lines, geometries, flat backgrounds and contrasting colors, characterize the journey of the Turin-based writer who, from classic lettering, fluctuates and sweeps towards a research […]


Bicicleta Sem Freio | Print archive release on 27th of September 2018.

Mission to art continues to open its drawers presenting this time a series of serigraphs realized as a result of the artist residence in Turin together with Bicicleta sem freio.   The Brasilian collective, composed by Douglas de Castro and Renato Perreira, now become famous worldwide thanks to their unique style and unmistakable pop-psychedelic trait that refers to […]


TEN meets Missiontoart

Few weeks ago Riccardo Colombo a.k.a. TEN invited us to his studio where we caught him just before he left for Norway where he has completed an impressive artwork on the floor of a skatepark for Moving Mountains festival. In the studio we discovered some of the incredible pieces that he has been working on. It was like an immersion […]