“EYE” a flipbook by Luca Ledda Illustrator

From an idea of Turin based illustrator Luca Ledda, in collaboration with the artist residency Missiontoart and supported by street art&graffiti festival Street Alps, we are excited to announce you the first publishing production produced by the newly born Pigmenti Editore.

The purpose of Pigmenti Editore, as well as obviously the creation of a flipbook chain, it’s to support the artists in their works, starting from the closest and “local” ones up to international collaborations.

The title is inspired by one of the recurring symbols in the book: the eye, with which the whole book is opened and closed.  The artist has combined in one book a large part of his illustrations, using subjects, objects and images recurring in his pictorial production.

Luca Ledda, for years now produces illustrations both on paper and on walls: we can find his works scattered around the world, from Italy to Mexico, his unmistakable trait and his recognizable characters gave life to visionary and dreamlike stories.

EYE is an artistic game that can capture the viewer’s gaze, at any age, and which gives life to a story to be browsed through the eyes as well as with the hands.

EYE is a flipbook created by assembling 88 handmade graphics; it only measures 11x7x1,5 cm . Offset print on 120gr paper.

The book is on sale online on the site https://store.missiontoart.com

If you are a bookstore or if you are interested in re-sell the book and support our new project, please contact at  info@missiontoart.com

Enjoy some pics below and spread the word helping us sharing the news and do yourself a favour: buy and support our baby book!