TEN meets Missiontoart

Few weeks ago Riccardo Colombo a.k.a. TEN invited us to his studio where we caught him just before he left for Norway where he has completed an impressive artwork on the floor of a skatepark for Moving Mountains festival. In the studio we discovered some of the incredible pieces that he has been working on. It was like an immersion into a natural world made by colors and triangles. His technique, which he calls “Triangolism”, consists from subdivide of the subject by breaking them up into simple geometric shapes: a combination of cold and geometrical forms and living subjects.

In the world we live in, animals are modelled and used to meet human needs. They lose their main feature of “living being” to become food and semi indu- strial products. In a similar way, the artist dismantles the animal realistic representation to create a cold and geometrical figure which still maintains the expressive force and the nature of the beast.

TEN studies the boundaries between abstract and realistic painting, questioning the line of demarcation between these two worlds; when and how technical drawings, made of lines, angles and geometric rules, turns into painting starting to interfere with the observer and producing new feelings.

TEN has offered some special pieces exclusively for our online gallery shop. Ranging from screen prints to full on canvases and in addition to that, this collection includes a very special piece of artwork – 9 layer screen printed canvases! Edition of 15, hand finished, numbered and signed “Grazy Horse” artwork has been printed in our home, Sericraft, just a few days ago. Paint is still fresh!

Here’s a full list of artworks available right now in our shop:

TEN| Tigers Head
TEN | Skull
TEN | Crazy Horse
TEN | Killer
TEN | Ernest
TEN | Ernest | Special Edition
TEN | Turquoise
TEN | Tourmaline
TEN | Bornite
TEN | Emerald
TEN | Margaret