BORONDO Print archive release on 4th of April

Borondo’s work is poetic and evoking, inciting the public to pause and reflect on their own mortality—their memento mori—leaving all vanities and mass-media-influenced notions behind. His contemplative portraits of raw, expressive style may seem unfinished yet feel so strong and mystical.

Known for various techniques used when producing art, the artist is most known for the “Glass Scratching” technique he uses when producing prints and art pieces on glass. We will be releasing both media’s right here on Missiontoart.

Below is the full list of Borondo archive to be available from the Missiontoart drawers on Thursday, the 4th of April at 5pm GTM/6pm CET:

BORONDO | 2013 | El Peso De La Corona | StreetArtNews
BORONDO | 2014 | Identity | StreetArtNews x RexRomae
BORONDO | 2014 | Animal | RexRomae
BORONDO | 2015 | Fake Paradise | StreetArtNews x RexRomae
BORONDO | 2015 | Glass scratch 1 | RexRomae
BORONDO | 2015 | Glass scratch 2 | RexRomae