ALEXIS DIAZ Print archive release on 22nd of March

Over the past several years, Puerto Rican-born street artist Alexis Diaz has built an international presence, with giant murals covering everywhere from the side of a crumbling building in Slovakia to a makeshift billboard in the middle of the Arizona desert. He is known for his chimerical and dreamlike depictions of animals in a state of metamorphosis.

The pride of Puerto Rico stopped by Turin in 2013 for a residency where he spent a week with us fine-tuning his print “Dentro“. The print featured insane amount of detail what has become a trademark of Diaz’s work. “Dentro” left our lab at an edition of 35, six layers were printed on a super fancy paper and it came signed and numbered by the Puerto Rican artist.

Below is the full list of Alexis Diaz archive to be available from the Missiontoart drawers on Thursday, the 22nd of March at 5pm GTM/6pm CET:

ALEXIS DIAZ | 2013 | Dentro | Missiontoart x StreetArtNews
ALEXIS DIAZ | 2013 | Dentro | Special Edition | Missiontoart
ALEXIS DIAZ | 2013 | Hoy es el primer dia | Missiontoart
ALEXIS DIAZ | 2014 | Octophant | RexRomae x StreetArtNews
ALEXIS DIAZ | 2014 | Octophant | Special Edition | RexRomae x Missiontoart
ALEXIS DIAZ | 2014 | The Cage | StreetArtNews