PIXEL PANCHO Print archive release on the 15th of March

Pixel Pancho is an Italian street artist hailing from the lovely home city of Turin. He specialises in large wall murals and he is considered as one of the top artists in his field. Working mostly with an earthy color scheme to convey a more ancient feeling, Pixel creates robotic creatures inspired by different environments and feelings.

We will be releasing total of 10 different Pixel Pancho prints – some from 2011, some from 2017, some from the period in-between and some still unreleased private commissions from way back…

Below is the full list of Pixel Pancho archive to be available from the Missiontoart drawers on Thursday, the 15th of March at 5pm GTM/6pm CET:

PIXEL PANCHO | 2011 | Untitled | Missiontoart
PIXEL PANCHO | 2013 | Decomposition | Underdogs Gallery
PIXEL PANCHO | 2015 | The Last Kiss | Underdogs Gallery | StreetArtNews
PIXEL PANCHO | 2016 | Fading Dreams | Underdogs Gallery
PIXEL PANCHO | 2016 | Kiss | HG Contemporary
PIXEL PANCHO | 2016 | Horse | HG Contemporary
PIXEL PANCHO | 2016 | Fulvia | Varsi Gallery
PIXEL PANCHO | 2017 | Lollapalooza 2017 Official Poster
PIXEL PANCHO | 2017 | Hold You Up Forever
PIXEL PANCHO | 2017 | Orangutan