Missiontoart 2.0

We are happy to announce that after a quite long break, Missiontoart project will be resuming!

Back in 2016, we celebrated the 13th birthday of Sericraft by creating a “One Night Show“. We opened our print drawers to the public for one night only to show off our private collection of prints that we have accumulated as a part of Missiontoart. Starting next week, the collection will be becoming public and everyone will have a chance to get their piece of Missiontoart…

It would only be right to start off with a Turin local, Pixel Pancho. Friend of the project for many years, Pixel has decided to donate couple of his prints to support the project. We will be releasing total of 10 different Pixel Pancho prints – some from 2011, some from 2017, some from the period in-between and some still unreleased private commissions from way back… More on this coming next week!

With each print, we will be offering frames made in collaboration with our friends at Malafamilia Factory. Frames are made from the same screens we use for screen-printing, which creates a high quality frame: a perfect and rustic way to give a new life to the exhausted screens. You can see some prints framed here.

All of the prints will come with a Missiontoart COA signed by the one and only printer who has laid thousands of layers of ink on the prints over the years.

So, follow our new journey on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see names such as Blu, Borondo, Pixel Pancho, Saner, Alexis DiazHua TunanFintan Magee, Askew One, Vinz, JAZ, DEIHAxel Void, James REKA, Agostino Iacurci, Dzia, Tellas, Bikismo, Bicicleta Sem Freio and more to be released!